Your Business and Social Media Benefits


Talking with potential new businesses, it is clear that many people do not understand social media and how this can benefit their business. They are more concerned with paid advertising like Google Ads or running Facebook Ads. Granted, these two things are a big part of what Salesboxer handles for clients, so this is by no means turning a cold shoulder to these methods. However, I think it is important that people realize social media and email marketing are two real ways to connect with clients and that what they think they know about these aspects are often false.

The Myths and Truth About Social Media for Your Business

There are so many myths that we have heard over the years here at Salesboxer. For example:

1. Social media is only for attracting new clients.

2. Content marketing and social media are not the same thing and do not go hand in hand.

3. You can’t share “secrets” from your business on social media.

4. Social media gives instant results.

These myths are one of the biggest issues when starting with any new client or trying to explain how Salesboxer can be of assistance. So, let’s take this point by point.

– Social media attracts new clients, most definitely. But, it is also a platform that you can use to stay in touch with your current customers. It basically makes your business more personable and will help to cement your reputation.

– Social media gives you a way to get your content seen. For example, we offer a content package in which blogs are used to help showcase the businesses expertise in the area, then shared via social media. Remember, when it comes to social media, you want to share content that is going to entertain, educate or inform.

– Yes, you can share “secrets” of your business. We are not saying that you should post up your private financial. However, if you do something that is better than what others are doing, then promote this. For example, if you are an HVAC company that offers the routine maintenance package but with a twist, showcase this twist!

– You are not going to get instant results with social media. If you have a promise from another company to get instant results, I would question whether they were using organic methods of building your following and content. Salesboxer does not deal with black hat tactics…we are all about building this organically. This way, you are getting people who are interested in what you are offering and they are going to be the ones that do business with you.

Connect with Social Media

The key to establishing an online presence for any business is to use social media to connect with potential clients as well as established customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free to use. And LinkedIn is there for those businesses who only serve other businesses. Why would you not use these platforms to their fullest? The key is to have the right mindset when going into this, so that you know what is to be expected. Be sure to contact Salesboxer for professional, yet affordable, help for your business.

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