Salesboxer Announces New Book: Make Your Nonprofit Social: Engage Your Users with Social Media

make your nonprofit social

Social media for a nonprofit is something that not all nonprofit members think about. After all, they are more worried about getting the donations for their nonprofit and getting to make a difference. However, nonprofit social media is a must have for any nonprofit, and it has the added benefit of being a FREE way to get your nonprofit seen.

Salesboxer has worked with several nonprofits in helping them to make and reach social media goals that are going to help expand the message of their nonprofit, while also helping to increase their reputation. For this reason, we compiled together several tactics that we have used for nonprofits, along with why social media should be a concern for a nonprofit in our book “Make Your Nonprofit Social: Engage Your Users with Social Media” that was just released with Business Expert Press.

What Will You Learn in “Make Your Nonprofit Social: Engage Your Users with Social Media”?

When we wrote this book it was with the idea that nonprofits can read this and see why they need social media and various ways in which they can start reaching out to their audience. Some of the specifics that you will learn include:

  • How to expand your nonprofit’s audience with the use of social media.
  • How to showcase the human side of your nonprofit, which can help people to donate more when they “know” you.
  • Which platform is going to be the best for your nonprofit and how to maximize the potential.
  • The practical strategies to use that can amplify your nonprofit’s mission.
  • How to design your own graphics to help expand the reach of your nonprofit and put it front and center. We do include examples of graphics that are great for nonprofits, as well as those that are a huge fail, so you know what to avoid.
  • There are tons of case studies that are included from nonprofits like Ms. JD, Small Heroes Foundation, Piven Theatre, and many more. All of these companies have used social media to enhance their nonprofit.

We take the time to go through the main social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But, we also examine channels like YouTube, Pinterest, and those social media platforms that are on the rise.

Is This The Book For Your Nonprofit?

We would like to say, yes, this is the perfect book for any nonprofit. And we truly believe that. When we wrote this book it was with the thought that we wanted to talk about marketing in simple terms so that even those who are not marketing minded will still be able to use these tactics to make their nonprofit grow. Rather than having to Google terms that you may be reading, you will find that we break this down with clear, concise examples to follow and implement.

Are you ready to see how social media could help your nonprofit to become more successful? Our book can be published through Business Expert Press here

And remember, if you simply don’t have the time to devote to social media, which we completely understand, Salesboxer is here for your marketing needs. We offer affordable packages for social media, email marketing, and content marketing that include one-on-one relationships with us to ensure that your voice is always heard. 



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