Salesboxer Announces New Book: “Make Your Business Social: Engage Your Customers with Social Media”


All of us here at Salesboxer are super excited as Business Expert Press has published our book “Make Your Business Social: Engage Your Customers with Social Media”. The book is a collaboration between Lindsay Chambers, the marketing content specialist with Salesboxer, Jennifer Morehead, the former CEO of Salesboxer, and Heather Sallee, the current CEO of Salesboxer.

Who is this book for? We designed this book as a guide for small businesses to learn why social media is a must have in today’s competitive market. In addition, many chamber of commerce may find that this information is helpful for those new companies coming to their area. We cover a variety of topics throughout the book including:

– How to cultivate an audience

– Ways to be visual on social media

– An individual look at specific social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest

– Case studies of those who have done social media right

All the information contained throughout the book is a combination of our years of experience. We have taken all this experience and turned it into a guide to help businesses learn why they need social media.

For any business who is interested, our book can be published here. In addition, we realize that while businesses may realize just why they need social, they still may not have the time to do this on their own, which is something we understand. That is where the affordable packages offered by Salesboxer can help you to still benefit from social without putting forth a ton of your own time, as we do it for you.

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