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When people come to us for their advertising needs, they often have a few ideas, and one of these is that they want to use either Facebook ads or Google ads. One of the most commonly asked questions that we get is which is best for their budget? After all, if you are putting the money towards advertising, you want to make sure that this is going to work, rather than waste your money. Here at Salesboxer, we totally get it! However, as to which is best, that is really hard to answer.

Facebook Ads: A Targeted Audience

What makes Facebook ads so unique is the way in which you can target your audience. Facebook collects and stores information on each of its 2.2 billion users. This information can help you to target the exact person that fits the produce or service that you are offering. For example: you can target moms of preschool age children for a new toy meant to enrich learning or you could target homeowners in a certain zip code if you are offering plumbing services.

Think about how much people put on Facebook. They post about the birth of a new child, they post if they have purchased a new vehicle, they post about taking a hike, the list keeps going on and on. For those who are looking to target these specific type of life events, then they are going to find that Facebook ads is going to make this much easier.

Google Ads: Targeted Key Words

The difference with Google ads, is that these are going to be displayed on the search engine when certain keywords are entered. This is best described as paid per click advertising. For each click on your ad, then you pay. If you are running a plumbing business and have a Google ad, some of your keywords may be city name, plumbing, plumber, and the like. When someone were to Google these keywords, your ad is going to appear.

Google reaches a wide audience. After all, this is the leading search engine out there. So, with this being said, you are reaching a larger audience than what you would be if you were to use Facebook.

Facebook or Google: B2C and B2B Matters

Do you define your business as a B2C (business to consumer) or a B2B (business to business) type of company? The difference is your target audience, and you are going to find that this can affect which type of advertising is going to be the best for you.

Most cases show that if you are a B2C company, then Facebook is going to be one of the best ways to reach your audience. While a B2B company will find that Google may work better for their advertising needs. This is just the general rule, that does not mean that it will apply to you.

Which is Better: Facebook or Google?

So, which is better? Here at Salesboxer, we have worked with both forms of advertising. While many of our customers are more interested in Facebook since they can reach such a targeted audience, we have found that Google ads is working well for many businesses that are local and who are offering a service to the world. So, to answer the question which is better, it all boils down to the company itself.

For those who need help with their advertising needs, Salesboxer is here to help. We provide advertising, social media marketing and email marketing services, as well as blog content for companies looking to expand their online presence.

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