Content Is King For A Reason


For any business that is active on social media, you probably hear about companies that are taking the world by storm with their social media content. For example, who can forget the “Twitter war” between Popeyes’ chicken sandwich and Chick-Fil-A in 2019. It was all good fun between the two companies, but it got Twitter users fired up about which chicken sandwich was the best. However, this campaign resulted in Popeyes actually selling out of their sandwich!

This is the type of results that every business wants to get. However, how can it be done? While you may not get 2 million tweets about your company in one campaign, there are ways that you can get more interest in what you are posing. And it all revolves around the content!

Cater Your Message to your Target

One of the biggest issues that companies face is that they are producing content that they believe will be of interest to everyone. But, your demographic may not be everyone. Who are you targeting with your business? Know who the audience is, and then direct your messages towards what interests this demographic. For example, if you offer a service to your local area, then news about your local area will be of interest. Many businesses are taking it upon themselves to share COVID-19 related material that is directly affecting their local community. What does this show? It shows the business cares…and it starts to build that great reputation in the local area.

Encourage the Conversation in Your Content

Have you taken the time to listen to those who follow you on social media? Post something that is going to get the conversation started. How can you do this? There are several ways! Many companies have found that posing an interesting question that sparks a debate is one way. For example, “Which way does the toilet paper roll go?” This is one of those age-old questions that can be debated by everyone! Other businesses take the time to share reviews from their customers, often sparking a conversation between the reviewer, the business and other third parties.

Inject Humor

Humor is always something that goes well with social media. After all, how many times have you personally be on your Facebook feed and shared something that made you laugh out loud? Be the business that is producing something that is going to get a laugh from your readers. For example, a salon could share memes of haircuts gone wrong, of at home color sessions that went wrong, and the like, with a comment that showcases why you need to let the pros help with hair care needs.

When it comes to creating content, that is what Salesboxer is here for. Let’s face it, most business owners do not have the time to not only run their business but to create compelling content that people are going to be interested in seeing and sharing. That is where we assist businesses to be more successful on social media, by providing content that is going to help your image!

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