About Us

Heather Sallee is the CEO of Salesboxer. Throughout her career, Sallee has worked with companies in the initial stages of their marketing journey and also with well-established companies that needed to overcome negative reviews. With Salesboxer, Sallee not only speaks with each client individually, but provides content for blogs, emails, and the social media posts needed to create an image that is up front, positive and informative for each client’s targeted demographic.

Lindsay Chambers is a marketing content specialist. In her role as project manager with Salesboxer, Chambers oversees the creation, placement and management of Facebook ads and Google ads for multiple clients. She also creates and sends email marketing campaigns and manages client relationships to ensure they are happy and that Salesboxer is fulfilling their needs. 

What Salesboxer Customers Say...

These guys take ALL the hassle out of online posting and an EXTREMELY reasonable rate. They DO IT ALL!!!! OUTSTANDING company.

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