A Holiday Marketing Schedule: Why You Need This

holiday marketing schedule

The holidays are quickly approaching and for many companies, this is the time in which they make the most sales and establish numerous new relationships with customers that come back to them year after year. So, do you have your marketing schedule ready for the holidays?

What is a Holiday Marketing Schedule?

Since this is the time that people are buying a product or service to give to others, it is important that you are pushing out what you have to offer to your old clients as well as enticing new clients. And with the impact of COVID-19 on many small businesses throughout the country, the holidays are a time in which they may finally catch up.

Your holiday marketing schedule may be slightly different than what you do throughout the rest of the year. And no, that does not mean that you should be pushing sales constantly. You can still provide comedy relief, sharing memes and the like that is dedicated to holiday shopping. And you can still provide educational information, like sharing a blog about holiday decorating for those companies offering holiday gift purchases, or even a moving company can get in on the holiday theme by sharing blogs and tips for managing the stress or even packing things to be shipped to family members. The ideas are really endless. But, one thing is for certain: You MUST have a strategy for marketing during the holidays.

Holiday Marketing Schedule: 5 Tips to Get Your Plan Started

If you are looking to get starting on your holiday marketing schedule, we have a few tips that can get you started:

– Who are you targeting? Think about what you are offering that is special for the holidays, who is the best person for this product or service? If you are not sure, a little A/B testing can go a long way in determining who is going to be the right demographic.

– If you have e-commerce on your website, be sure that this is ready to handle the influx of customers that come your way. Make sure that the entire process of finding what you offer, putting this into the cart, and paying is streamlined. People do not want to go through ten steps to get to purchase your product.

– Send out holiday emails to current customers, wishing them a happy holiday, as well as even promoting some of your new products or services for this year.

– Make sure that you are ready to interact on social media with those who comment on what you post. They may be interested in learning more and even if it does not result in a sale, you are gaining a potential customer for after the holidays.

– Make sure that you have a way to follow up on potential sales with clients. Whether you are going to remind people about what is in their cart via your e-commerce store, or you have a method set up to help you email those that were interested in what you offered, but never purchased.

Whether you use these tips, is up to you. But, what you should walk away with from all this information…you need a holiday marketing plan to start right now and go through the New Year.

The holidays can be hectic for everyone, even you, as a business owner. For those who are interested, Salesboxer is here to lighten the load when it comes to marketing, and we would love to get you started into one of our affordable business marketing plans, complete with email marketing and social media content.

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